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all things asian

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This is the graphics journal of: reila and theshiz.

About this Community

All mood themes, icons, banners, wallpapers, and color bars will be asian themed. The graphics will include anime, manga, jrock, krock, kpop, jpop, basically whatever we are into that's asian. We don't take requests as a rule, but there may be times when we have an open post for requests.

From 5.08.07 all icon posts will now be public. However this community's mood themes are still friends locked. We want to know who's looking at and taking our stuff. So please join!

Basic Rules

You MUST credit us for anything you take. No exceptions. We work hard on what we do, and Credit is mandatory.

You must be nice and respectful to ALL members. Act stupid, get banned.


_wallpapers agitated_scream
amenity_gain ayu_awards cassisgrafix chiizuru gackt_daily gazette_daily gazette_stills gazettegraphics glass_x_wings hyde_daily kinkyori_renai kuu_awards larc_daily laruku_media lm_c loveanarchymiyavi_daily miyavi_media nameless_art namisuke night_filth nightmare_daily pandanuggets pinkyheaven privatereligion quabble qwertygrafx so_enchanted visualharmonia wash_when_dirty xaliceninex

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Resources can be found here.

Past Layouts

Layouts/Previous Layouts
Version 1.0 - featuring various asian fandoms by theshiz
Version 2.0 - featuring アリス九號. (Alice Nine.) by reila
Version 3.0 - featuring ガゼット (Gazette) by rawkstarr23
Version 4.0 - Temp version, featuring ガゼット (Gazette) by reila

Table/graphics by reila